1) ADJ-GRADED: oft it v-link ADJ to-inf/that If you say that it is natural for someone to act in a particular way or for something to happen in that way, you mean that it is reasonable in the circumstances.

It is only natural for youngsters to crave the excitement of driving a fast car...

It is only natural that he should resent you...

A period of depression can be a perfectly natural response to certain aspects of life.

unnatural, surprising
2) ADJ Natural behaviour is shared by all people or all animals of a particular type and has not been learned.

...the insect's natural instinct to feed...

Anger is the natural reaction we experience when we feel threatened or frustrated.

3) ADJ: usu ADJ n Someone with a natural ability or skill was born with that ability and did not have to learn it.

She has a natural ability to understand the motives of others...

He had a natural flair for business.

4) N-COUNT: usu a N in sing If you say that someone is a natural, you mean that they do something very well and very easily.

He's a natural with any kind of engine...

She proved to be a natural on camera.

5) ADJ-GRADED If someone's behaviour is natural, they appear to be relaxed and are not trying to hide anything.

Bethan's sister was as friendly and natural as the rest of the family...

Hannah's natural manner reassured her, and she relaxed.

Derived words:
naturally ADV-GRADED ADV after v

For pictures of people behaving naturally, not posing for the camera, it is essential to shoot unnoticed...

She is magnificent at making you feel you can talk quite naturally to her.

naturalness N-UNCOUNT

The critics praised the reality of the scenery and the naturalness of the acting.

6) ADJ: ADJ n Natural things exist or occur in nature and are not made or caused by people.

It has called the typhoon the worst natural disaster in South Korea in four years...

The gigantic natural harbour of Poole is a haven for boats.

artificial, man-made
Derived words:
naturally ADV ADV with v, ADV adj

Nitrates are chemicals that occur naturally in water and the soil...

Honey is a naturally acidic substance.

7) ADJ: ADJ n Someone's natural parent is their biological father or mother, as opposed to an adult who is looking after them, or who has adopted them. Someone's natural child is their biological son or daughter, as opposed to a child they are looking after or have adopted.

She has been reunited with her natural mother...

His commitments to the stepchildren will not reduce his obligation to his natural children.

8) ADJ: n ADJ In music, a natural note is the ordinary note, not its sharp or flat form.

...B natural.

Natural is also a noun.

Is that F a natural or a sharp?

9) PHRASE: usu prep PHR If someone dies of natural causes, they die because they are ill or old rather than because of an accident or violence.

According to the Home Office, your brother died of natural causes...

A prisoner collapsed and died yesterday, apparently from natural causes.

English dictionary. 2008.

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